Music brings us together in celebration

This event shares through diversity, the presentation of Arts and Crafts, Culture dances, speakers, live music, Education and Information, food, children’s village, story tellers, drum workshops, health screening, traditional marketplace Bazaar. The Festival ground location will have booths with high quality multicultural goods, authentic hand-crafted Arts and crafts, artisans, vendors and live performing artists featured throughout the days of the festival.

Come celebrate The Drum, Dance -and Experience, an exploration of the influence African and African-American heritage has on the cultural arts. There are workshops of interactive music education sessions, cultural performance workshops rooted in African traditions; historical artifacts, photos; performances; and demonstrations by performing Drummers and Dancers from African Diaspora around the world.

DFW Africa Festival Soccer Tournament

Soccer enthusiasts are set to gather for the 2017 DFW Africa Festival Soccer Tournament taking place June 9th at DFW Africa Festival ground inside the Cedar Canyon Dude Ranch, 4523 University Hill Blvd Lancaster, Texas on the outskirts of downtown city of Dallas. Teams representing all African descendants countries are set to compete for the Festival Giant to be named on June 9th, when the final is over.

African Market Bazaar

One of the focal points of the DFW Africa Day, Cedar Canyon Dude Ranch event will be the African Diaspora and DFW Global community vendors. This Bazaar will feature different group showcasing the culture and traditions of numerous African countries and the World, ranging from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Somali Ethiopia from East Africa to the Western African states of Nigeria, Guinea and Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Botswana in the south. Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan Tunisia will hold North Africa to it’s giant status.

At The Festival Site

Camping is accepted inside the famous Cedar Canyon Dude Ranch ground for all the three (3) days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). There are several areas to be designated as campgrounds. The Festival Campground can have late night activities and jams if necessary. Make arrangements to secure your space and planned activities as early as possible before May 1, 2018, camping fee is $25.00 per day, this is an opportunity for those who are from out of town that may need it. You must leave the camping site by 10.00a.m, Monday June 11, 2018. Make sure you clean after yourself daily to avoid eviction from camping site.

Main Stage

International and local foremost Afrobeat groups  featuring lingala, soukus, reggae, Jazz, gospel and  Gospel with strong focus on urban music, featuring a host of rappers, DJs and hip-hop artists of African / USA origin.

Speakers Corner

The Speakers’ Corner will host interactive workshops over the course of the day. The first – kicking off at 12 noon – will feature community and business leaders, NGO representatives radio presenters, any politicians, actors and stand-up comedians can host discussion on ‘the changing relationship between Africa and USA or the World. Audience-members will also be invited to contribute. Elected speakers will have discussion on the African Day history Celebrating Years of African Unity, The workshop at DFW Africa Day festival will try to establish a discussion on African diaspora Alliance communities to establish communication with AU and the Pan Africa Parliament at the African Union.

Food Court

Taste of Africa Zone, full of rare and lavish feast, food groups such as okura stew, samosa, couscous, peanut soup, African donuts, fried bananas, nyama choma, chapatti, beefsteak, African meat pier, yasa chicken and more…

Family / Kids Zone

Free activity zone will include free face-painting and hand-painting; traditional coffee-making ceremonies; displays of arts and crafts; and children’s treasure hunts, quizzes and games. Some of African Diasporas’s leading development NGOs will be present, offering fun,  interactive incentive activities. Visitors will have chance to contribute a message, story or photo to 2018 DFW Africa Day festival 6th Birthday card; measure their ‘virtual water’ footprint and find out how they can be more eco-friendly with their water use; have their family photographed as part of an international  photography project; or sit in a typical African fishing boat to play a simple ‘fishing’ game.

Fashion Show

One of the highlights of DFW Africa Day Festival promises to be fashion competitions: visitors are being encouraged to deck themselves out in their most colorful African finery before coming to the event. All colorful formal dresses, daily clothes new trends, traditional, Ethnic and Royal family costumes. Best dressed in African attire will be voted by funs.

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